The reason why we offer our mobile dog grooming sevices!

Great for older dogs
Extra care, attention and love is given to our older generation of doggies. Sometimes travel is not really an option for him or her and why put unnecessary stress on your dog when we can come to you.
We come to you! No need to drive to the groomer's and back, wait for the phone to ring to tell you that your pet is ready, and then make that same trip again to pick him up.
One-on-One attention for you and your pet
We listen to you about your pets needs. Your pet receives one-on-one attention from a certified and experienced groomer.
Quiet, Calm, Relaxing, and individualized Experience
Perfect for pets that become nervous around other animals. Your pet will be in a one-on-one environment that is free of barking and aggressive dogs.
Crate free drying
Wonderful for those aging pet whose joints get stiff from lying on a hard surface for hours and for those pets who fear being caged. All pets are completely dried by hand with our high velocity dryer - We never cage-dry so there is no chance of overheating your pets.
You do not have to be home
After our first grooming appointment with your pet, it is not necessary for you to be home if we have access to your pet. We can call you upon our arrival and once your pet is done, we will return him to his secured location.
Sanitary and Clean Environment
Your pet will not be at risk of contacting illnesses or parasites that can be spread by other dogs. We clean and disinfect our tralier after each pet or pets of the same family.
No separation anxiety - Your pet never leaves your property
You can check on your pet during his grooming - We invite you to check in on your pet anytime to see how he is doing.
Fully certified and professionally trained Dog Groomer
Take comfort and assurance in knowing that your dog is being groomed by a City & Guilds certified professional trained groomer.
Self sufficient grooming trailer

Self sufficient grooming trailer

Self sufficient water unit

Our purpose  mobile dog grooming trailer is equipped with a self-contained water unit that holds a 30-gallon water tank so need to worry about those water rates as we have our own  water supply.  Every grooming session will have warm fresh water.

Self Sufficient Electricity  

We are now happy to announce that we can now service doggies who may live in apartments or when it is not accessible to connect to a mains supply. We have you covered where ever there may be a dirty doggie 🙂

High Velocity Dryer

The high velocity dryer is specially designed to be quiet for the comfort of your pet and shortens the drying time while enhanceing your pet’s circulation which also removes any old undercoat and leaves the coat healthy and soft.

Hydro Bathing System 

Our unique water system pampers your pet with a stimulating, yet soothing invigorating jet shampoo that is directed into the stream of water, massaging away loose hair, dead skin and undercoat, revealing the healthiest coat possible



 Feel at ease knowing that your beloved furry member of the family will be treated with the utmost love, care and attention when they are in the K9 Club hands - where their well-being and comfort is our priority!

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